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Trung tâm thương mại Marine Plaza tham gia Tuần Hạ Long


The Ha Long Tourism Festival Week 2012 will be organized in Quang Ninh from 27/11 to 30/11/2012 with main focusing on promoting the Ha Long images to the tourists from the Europe. Together with the developing new images of this City, the Grand Opening of  the  Shopping Mall and Entertainment World Marine Plaza will offer a various brand names and the entertainment to the tourists in 2013. 
Recently, the tourist number to Quang Ninh is increasing. In 2012, the expected number of tourist is about 7 millions of people, of which 2.4 millions are from Europe. Each year, the increased number is about 16%; the revenue from tourism industry increases 60%, contributing the important percentage to Quang Ninh GDP. As the result, the need of entertainment world is the vital requirement to this city.
Within the Festival Week, there are a lot of activities such as: sightseeing and experienced with Ha Long Bay; approaching and introducing products and promoting the cooperation of tourism industrial among European and Vietnamese companies. Representative for this program is the Opening of the shopping mall and entertainment world Marine Plaza owned by Syrena Vietnam Joint Stock Company. 
Marine Plaza is the biggest shopping mall and games world in Quang Ninh province, which meets the maximum requirements from the tourist and local people. This project will become the first-rate shopping mall and games world in Quang Ninh. Marine Plaza had organized an Opening to introducing the tourist, local people and partners to the attractive activities as: Giant Ferris Wheel; the international cinema complex; Restaurants; the biggest entertainment world at the Northern; the man-made beach and huge shopping mall…The estimated operation is 2013, this will be the destination for sight seeing, games world and shopping for tourist and local people to discover Ha Long Bay.